Math Quest 2
Handwriting Without Tears; Letter and Numbers for Me
Reading Books TBD, based on assessment of students at beginning of year
* Student must bring their Starlight Readers from last year to school on first day.

1 small covered pencil sharpener
Washable markers
2 glue sticks
8 duotangs- one of each colour (yellow. orange, red, green, blue, purple, white and black)
2 packages of sharpened pencils in a labeled zip lock bag.
2 good quality erasers
30cm ruler
1 package sharpened pencil crayons
1 plastic container to keep supplies in
2 three-ring binders with see-through window cover

Please label all supplies with a permanent marker. 

Please note: the books listed above are required for Grade 2. Students should have them at the start of the year.