Math Quest Grade 1
Handwriting Without Tears: Letters and Numbers for Me

1 small covered pencil sharpener
washable markers
2 glue sticks
8 duotangs - one of each color (yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, white, black)
2 packages of sharpened pencils in a labeled ziploc bag
2 good quality erasers
30cm ruler (showing inches and centimeters)
1 package sharpened pencil crayons
1 plastic container to keep supplies in
2 3-ring binders with see-through window cover

Please label all supplies with a permanent marker.

Because Grade 1 is the first year of English and Math studies at Cheder, there will be an assessment early in the year, and some students may be working from earlier texts. These workbooks will be supplied by Cheder at the same cost as you would pay if you purchased them from a store.

Please note: the books listed above are required for Grade 1 and students should have them at the start of the year.