20 pencils with erasers on top
2 erasers
1 closed pencil sharpener
1 soft-sided pencil case
Please buy 20 additional pencils to keep at home, to replenish your son’s supply during the year.

Gemara perek Elu Metzios – large size, soft cover with Nekudos
Chumash Vayikra – “Meiras Einaim” Pub.
Kitzur with Alter Rebbe’s Psokim with Nikkud – “K’hot” Pub. (Available at Lubavitch library by order only)
Mishnah – Shabbos, Pnei Shabbos with pictures (Very important!) publication.
Siddur (from previous year, or your choice)
Tehillim (from previous year, or your choice)

Supplementary Limudei Kodesh Seforim List
Navi – Shoftim