Vocabulary Grades 6-8 (McGraw Hill, 2nd Ed.)
Jump Math 7.1
Jump Math 7.2
Book rental/photocopies    $50


1 pencil case
1 graph notebook for math
1 composition notebook
1 glue stick
3 Highlighters different colors
20 sharpened pencils
2 erasers
1 sharpener
Geometry set (compass and protractor)
30cm ruler
4 Duotangs
2 1 ½ inch binders
2 packages dividers
1 package lined paper (100 sheets)
Blue pen
Markers or pencil crayons

Please note: the books listed above are required for Grade 7. If students do not have them at the start of the year, Cheder will provide them and charge parents the cost.

Students who have not previously been in the General Studies program, or who are deemed to require remedial help, may be asked to purchase additional books.