The רמב"ם writes- "תלמיד חכם ניכר בלבושו"
“A Torah scholar is recognized by his form of dress”.
Appropriate dress plays a very important role in the dignity and atmosphere of a Cheder. As Torah students, the boys should reflect Torah and Chassidic standards at all times.

Please be advised that the dress code will be strictly enforced. If a child arrives to the Cheder improperly attired, the child may be sent home to change.

Grades 1-8:

Pants:    Navy blue or black ONLY. No baggy style, cargo pants or jeans/denim permitted.
Shoes:    Black or dark navy color shoes only, including the soles.
Yarmulkas: Black or navy only (Cheder/camp logo is fine.)
Lighter blues, grey, or any other neutral colors are NOT acceptable.
Note: If your son comes to Cheder without a yarmulka, or with a colored one, he may purchase a new Cheder yarmulka, always available for sale through the school office. Caps are not to be worn to Cheder at any time.

Bar Mitzvah boys must wear a regular black hat and jacket to all תפילות and ברכת המזון. 

Masks:     Neutral color, no patterns/writing, bar mitzvah logo is OK.

The following Cheder Chabad-branded items are available for sale through the school office.     

    Yarmulkas    $10

    Navy zipper hoodies    $30

    Cheder black toques    $10