Personal hand sanitizer

10 pencils (with eraser on top)
1 sharpener
2 erasers
2 Hilroy 3-ring 80-page spiral notebooks
Loose leaf paper (about 200 sheets)
2 plastic folders with two inner pockets  

Gemara – Bava Kama, hard cover
Kitzur with Alter Rebbe’s Psokim - K’hot Pub. (available at the Lubavitch library by order only)
Shvach Hamoadim (available at the Lubavitch library by order only)
Likutei Sichos - Vol. 1 and 2
Tanya – full size ONLY, not Chitas size (available at Lubavitch library by order only)

The following workbooks are provided in Cheder.
Choveret Limud – Gemara, provided by the Cheder.
Choveret Loshon HaGemarah and Avoda – Gemara, 5 volumes provided by the Cheder 

Supplementary Limudei Kodesh Seforim List
Gemara Legirsa, Masechet Brachot for Limudei Kodesh