Bookbag (each talmid should come to Cheder daily with a bookbag)
Personal hand sanitizer
1 soft-sided pencil case with zipper
3 mechanical pencils (0.5) with 10 refills, erasers
10 black/blue pens 
2 “Hilroy” 3-ring 80-page spiral notebooks
1 1.5-inch hard cover binder
5 subject dividers
Loose leaf paper (about 200 sheets)
Tissue box
Highlighter s
et- 5 colors**
1 mini whiteboard (approx 9" x 12")
1 small whiteboard eraser
1 package whiteboard markers
1 package magic markers
1 scissors
1 glue stick

Please do not send supplies that are not on this list; they will only serve as a distraction to the students!

 ** Please buy additional pencils/pens to keep at home, to replenish your son’s supply during the year.

Gemara – Bava Metzia, large size, hard cover.
Chumash D’varim - Mikraos Gedolos, “Hamaor" Pub. Only (student size)
Kitzur with Alter Rebbe’s Psokim - K’hot Pub. (available at Lubavitch library by order only)
Navi - Shmuel (“Eshkol” Pub.)
Navi - Melachim (“Eshkol” Pub.)
Shvach Yakkar – must include Hilchos Krias HaTorah (available at the Lubavitch Library by order only)
Shvach Hamoadim vols. 1 and 2 (available at the Lubavitch Library by order only) NEW EDITION PLEASE.

The following workbooks are provided in Cheder.|
Choveret Limud - provided by the Cheder
Teichen Booklets - provided by the Cheder
Sichas hashvua
Pirkei Avos (after Pesach)
הגדה של פסח עם ליקוטי טעמים ומנהגים

Supplementary Limudei Kodesh Seforim List
Gemora Taanis