Briefcase plain
Markers (fine or med. point)
10 pencils with erasers on top **
8 erasers
2 pencil sharpeners
1 soft-sided pencil case with zipper
2 glue sticks
2 Hebrew 60 pages "machberet" (avail in Israel’s)
2 plastic duotangs



Book fee of $30.00 for books provided in Cheder
Machzor (will be returned home by Rosh Hashanah)
Chumash HAMENUKAD Breishis –“Horev” Edition (incl. Rashi with Nikud)
Large Siddur – Tehilas Hashem numbered lines ONLY and with Tefilos Shabbos
Tehillim – Ohel Yosef Yitzchok

  The following workbooks are provided in Cheder.

 “Mein Yiddish Lein Un Shribe Book”, WKBK #2, pub. by the Cheder
 “Lernen Yiddish Foon Onfang” WKBK
 “Choveret Ksiv” Hebrew Spelling WKBK #2, pub. by the Cheder

Yiddish Language Program Supply List

2 Hebrew machberiot with double lines (available at Israel’s book store)
3 glue sticks
Heilike Numern – Yiddish math program 3 workbooks (provided in Cheder)
Yiddish reading – 2 additional readers (provided in Cheder)
1 3-inch binder 

** Please buy 30 additional pencils to keep at home, to replenish your son’s supply during the year. (It will come in handy for homework as well.)