20 pencils with eraser on top **

Briefcase plain

2 plastic duotangs with inner pockets

Crayons or markers

1 1-inch ring binder

4 duotangs without pockets (different colours – dollarama sells 4 in a pack)

1 soft-sided pencil case with zipper, which holds all of the following items:

                   o eraser         o scotch tape             o pencil    o sharpener

                   o bottle of white school glue            o scissors



Chumash HAMENUKAD Breishis    “Horev” Edition


Siddur Tehilas Hashem with numbered lines Only and with Tfilos Shabbos.
   (You should have it from the siddur party.)

Medium size Tehilim - available at Lubavitch Library

  The following workbooks are provided in Cheder.

 “Zoom in on correct קריאה” WKBK-

  “Ich Lern Leinen Yiddish” WKBK-

  “Areinfir Tzoo Yiddish” WKBK -

  “Lernen Yiddish Foon Onfang” WKBK -

 “Yiddish Verter un Shreib Book WKBK -

 “Choveret Ktiv- Hebrew Spelling WKBK #1

“Helike Numerin” – WKBK


** Please buy 20 additional pencils to keep at home, to replenish your son’s supply during the year. (It will come in handy for homework as well.)