Bookbag (plain)
Personal hand sanitizer
20 pencils with eraser on top **
2 plastic duotangs with inner pockets
Crayons or markers
1 1-inch ring binder
4 duotangs without pockets (different colours – dollarama sells 4 in a pack)
1 soft-sided pencil case with zipper, which holds all of the following items:
                   o eraser         o scotch tape             o pencil sharpener
                   o scissors      o bottle of white school glue
** Please buy 20 additional pencils to keep at home, to replenish your son’s supply during the year. (It will come in handy for homework as well.)

Chumash HAMENUKAD Breishis    “Horev” Edition 
Siddur Tehilas Hashem with numbered lines Only and with Tfilos Shabbos.
   (You should have it from the siddur party.)

Medium size Tehilim - available at Lubavitch Library

The following workbooks are provided in Cheder.
“Zoom in on correct קריאה” WKBK-
“Ich Lern Leinen Yiddish” WKBK-
“Areinfir Tzoo Yiddish” WKBK -
“Lernen Yiddish Foon Onfang” WKBK -
“Yiddish Verter un Shreib Book WKBK -
“Choveret Ktiv- Hebrew Spelling WKBK #1
“Helike Numerin” – WKBK